What is EarthShare of Georgia?

Our Mission
EarthShare of Georgia connects people to trusted nonprofit organizations dedicated to conserving and protecting our air, land and water.

Our Vision
EarthShare of Georgia is working for the day when our air, land and About Us page picturewater are clean, abundant and healthy.

EarthShare of Georgia was founded in 1992 by its member groups as the Environmental Fund for Georgia to represent them in employee giving campaigns, and to provide an efficient and secure way to manage their donations.

In 2001, the Environmental Fund for Georgia officially affiliated with EarthShare, the national employee giving program, to become part of a network representing more than 500 environmental groups working locally, nationally and internationally.  This affiliation streamlined representation and facilitated the ability to meet the needs of multi-state employers to organize a single campaign under one name, EarthShare.  It also brought with it the fundraising power of the EarthShare network which has raised more than $350 million for the environment.

Employee giving campaigns for EarthShare of Georgia have grown steadily each year, from 8 in 1993 to more than 50 in 2014, representing approximately 400,000 employees in the public and private sector. At the end of fiscal year 2014, EarthShare of Georgia had raised more than $5,500,000 to help support environmental causes and its leading environmental member organizations.


Our Goal
Our goal is to be your trusted and proven way to support respected environmental and conservation charities through workplace giving campaigns. Bring EarthShare of Georgia to your workplace.

Community Involvement
EarthShare of Georgia connects the business and environmental communities. Through our company partners and environmental member groups, we facilitate Lunch & Learn sessions, make connections for volunteer opportunities and bring people together with the annual Earth Day events.

Earth Day Events
EarthShare of Georgia organizes annual Earth Day events each April to connect our business and environmental partners.

For more information on these and other opportunities for your company, please call 404-873-3173.

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