Managing Employee Giving

Congratulations on being selected to lead your employee giving campaign.  On behalf of EarthShare of Georgia and its more than 60 member organizations, we thank you for allowing your employees to invest in the causes that they believe in.

With all of us working together, we can make a lasting difference in the world around us.  The staff and member organizations of EarthShare of Georgia are available should you have any additional questions or need additional materials.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.  Thank you!

EarthShare of Georgia’s newly updated Campaign Toolkit is here!  Use this resource to make your campaign the most successful it can be!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Steps to Success
Tips for Running a Successful Combined Community Giving Campaign

1. Get personal!

  • Brand your campaign with your corporate identity.
  • Wrap a theme around giving. Can you integrate the charitable campaign with your volunteer program?
  • Your campaign should embrace and support the entire community.
  • Provide equal and balanced exposure for each federation. A variety of community needs exist.

Communicate this in your branding.

2. Keep it simple!

  • Your combined pledge form should be user-friendly and simple for employees to understand and fill in. Ensure that all participating federations have equal representation.
  • Minimize the amount of paper you give your employees. Employees will appreciate a simple format where they can get all the information in one place.

3. Make it real!

  • Invite several federations/charities to make educational presentations.
  • Encourage employees to seek information about, and volunteer with the nonprofits to which they give their money.
  • Provide opportunities for the nonprofits to demonstrate their value to employees and the community.

4. Sharing is a good thing!

  • Use electronic communication tools frequently, but efficiently. E-mail messages can keep interest high, recognize outstanding contributions, and engage departments in friendly competitions.
  • Your intranet is a useful tool for keeping employees informed about campaign progress, upcoming “lunch and learns” or other special events.

5. Excitement is contagious!

  • Recruit ambassadors/team captains/volunteers who you know have a passion for the cause.
  • Be creative and most importantly, have fun!
  • Be sure to thank your ambassadors/team captains after the campaign with a luncheon or certificate of appreciation.

“Oh, What a dollar can do!” 
When you choose to give to EarthShare through payroll deduction, you are choosing a smart and convenient way to care for the environment.  For most of us, a few dollars a paycheck is easier to swallow than a one-time contribution.  For the price of the occasional latté or a new CD, your contribution can have a real impact.

$25 or $1 per pay period
One candy bar; OR remove 60 pounds of trash from Georgia’s shorelines and underwater areas

$50 or $2 per pay period
One family night at the movies; OR plant 2 trees to restore Atlanta’s urban tree canopy and reduce the heat island caused by deforestation

$75 or $3 per pay period

One soda and a bag of chips; OR underwrite one hour of a collaborative project to reduce dangerous car emissions and create cleaner air for all of us to breathe

$100 or $4 per pay period
Eat lunch out; OR help set aside and preserve wilderness areas from strip mining and other destructive actions

$125 or $5 per pay period
Two tickets to a concert; OR furnish a middle school with a forest ecology curriculum in English and Spanish

$250 or $10 per pay period
Drive alone to work; OR provide posters, postcards, and other educational materials to inform national park visitors about steps they can take to help prevent increased air pollution in their parks

$500 or $20 per pay period
Weekend at a spa; OR help fund research to identify the chemicals in air pollution that contribute to birth defects, lung cancer and leukemia

$1,000 or $42 per pay period (Leadership Givers’ Club)
One year of lattés; OR sponsor a field trip for 10 students from underprivileged areas or homeless shelters to a wilderness area trip. Learn more about the benefits of the Leadership Givers’ Club.

Ten Simple Things You Can Do…

For a heathier Environment

The key word here is simple.  Many believe that caring for the environment is complex, requires a massive shift in operations and that their actions won’t make a difference.   But caring for the environment can be simple.  Here are ten ways to get started.

  1. Skip a car trip each week: Reduce your annual emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide by nearly a thousand pounds! (Your vehicle releases the most emissions when you start the engine.)
  2. Replace one beef meal each week: Grain used to feed cattle could feed thousands of humans. Cattle destroy topsoil and use thousands of gallons of water per year! Add in the health benefits of reduced red meat consumption.
  3. Recycle: Reuse containers when you can, make compost, reduce waste, and create jobs. Then complete the cycle by buying recycled products.
  4. Declare your independence from junk mail: Send a postcard with your name and address to: Mail Preference Service, Direct Marketing Association, P.O. Box 643, Carmel, NY 10512. You can also stop unwanted credit card solicitations by calling Dial 1-888-5-OPT-OUT (or 1-888-567-8688).
  5. Replace standard light bulbs with energy-efficient compact fluorescent lights (CFLs): Reduce your electricity bills by more than $100 over the lives of those bulbs! Replace them all, inside and out!
  6. Move the thermostat 3°F: Save money and prevent the emission of nearly 1,100 pounds of carbon dioxide annually.
  7. Eliminate chemical lawn and garden pesticides: Prevent water pollution and protect wildlife and songbirds.
  8. Turn off the water when brushing your teeth or shaving: Leave the water running and up to seven gallons of water goes straight down the drain.  Save money and conserve nearly thousands of gallons of water per year!
  9. Volunteer: Give a few hours of your time to help clean up a neighborhood park, plant or mulch trees, pick up litter along a roadway or streambank.
  10. Support leading environmental groups working to improve your health and quality of life through EarthShare of Georgia.

You really can make a difference!

What is EarthShare of Georgia?
Vision: EarthShare of Georgia is working for the day when our air, land and water are clean, abundant and healthy.

Mission:  EarthShare of Georgia is a nonprofit that raises funds through employee giving for more than 60 environmental member organizations dedicated to conserving and protecting our air, land and water.

Since the first campaign season in 1993, Georgians have generously donated more than $3.9 million dollars to protect our precious natural resources.

What organizations does EarthShare of Georgia support?

Employee contributions support 67 of the world’s leading environmental organizations protecting our air, land, water, wildlife, and public health.  Twenty-seven of these organizations are working directly on issues that affect Georgia.  These organizations are also working on issues of alternative energy and energy-efficiency, elimination of toxic pesticides, environmental justice and sprawl.  For a complete list of member groups click here.

How is the money distributed to the member organizations?
Employees have the unique option of making one gift to EarthShare of Georgia (to be shared among all member organizations) or designating a pledge to one or more organizations of their choice. Many employees like to designate their gift, thus EarthShare of Georgia will honor all designated contributions to specific member groups. General contributions are shared among Georgia organizations (60%) and national organizations (40%).

Our environmental problems seem so overwhelming, can one person really make a difference?
Each person’s contribution gets us one step closer to addressing our environmental problems.

What are your overhead costs? How much of the money actually goes to the groups?
EarthShare of Georgia is proud of its continued commitment to running a lean organization with low operating expenses. Overall, EarthShare of Georgia’s overhead costs are less than 10 percent.

What are the expectations of the coordinator?

You are the person inside the company running the combined campaign.  If you work for a large company, you may designate “ambassadors” or “team captains” to work within each location, department, business unit or group.  This will ensure that everyone across the company is aware of the campaign and will distribute some of the campaign administration and promotion duties.  If you work for a small company, you may decide to manage the campaign independently.  In the past, campaign coordinators have found that group presentations to introduce the campaign, information fairs, speakers from EarthShare of Georgia, posters and regular communications with employees have all built awareness for environmental issues and increased contributions.  All that EarthShare of Georgia requires is results reporting at the end of the campaign.

What are the expectations of a team captain or ambassador?
The “team captains” or “ambassadors” are the people inside the company educating groups of employees about the campaign and promoting participation.  The more energy you put into the campaign, the more successful your team and overall company contribution will be.  The more your employees know about the charities they can give to, the more likely they are to give.  Some ways that you can raise awareness of the campaign and the causes EarthShare of Georgia supports include:

  • Group presentations to introduce the campaign.
  • Information fairs.
  • Speakers from EarthShare of Georgia, or ”lunch and learn” sessions about environmental issues, supplemented by flyers, posters and regular communications with employees in your group.

Throughout the campaign, you will need to communicate regularly with your campaign coordinator to report on contributions and participation so they can gauge the success of the campaign and provide additional support and ideas if needed.

What materials do you have for employees?

We have an EarthShare of Georgia brochure with information on the campaign and a complete list of our member organizations, as well as posters that you can put in break rooms, restrooms or anywhere employees spend time.  Additionally, we will routinely send brochures, seed packets and bookmarks.  For a paperless option, try directing people to EarthShare of Georgia’s website for more information and to sign up for our e-blasts or post our information on your company’s intranet.  To request materials, please contact the Stephanie Mann, Campaign Manager at 404-873-3173,

What if an employee has an issue with supporting one of our member organizations?
We allow employees to designate their gifts to specific organizations.  If a question or concern about a specific member organization arises, we encourage and facilitate research about the group.  All EarthShare of Georgia organizations have strict guidelines they must adhere to regarding their policies and practices.  We can provide additional information.

How do we set a goal for EarthShare of Georgia? 
Our Campaign Manager can help you set a goal that will be achievable, substantial enough for employees to feel they have made a difference and worth your time investment in the campaign.

Are there other ways to be involved with EarthShare of Georgia?
Our member groups and our staff are available any time during the year for special “Brown Bag” educational sessions.  Additionally, EarthShare of Georgia leads Earth Day hosts three key events in April.  There are many volunteer opportunities timed with Earth Day, including Green Day, a morning of corporate volunteering. B eyond Earth Day, there are volunteer opportunities for activities and events all year long with our member groups.

It’s not possible to have our employees come to a presentation.  What else can I do?

To ensure that all employees at your workplace gets the information they need to make their charitable decision, you can host information fairs, hold lunch-and-learn sessions, post flyers or posters, provide success stories on your company intranet, send e-mails or intra-office memos.

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